Antibiorésistance - Mécanismes et innovation thérapeutique

Antibiotic resistance - Mechanisms and therapeutic innovation

The discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century revolutionised the treatment and impact of bacterial infections. However, their intensive use - in human and veterinary health as well as their dissemination in the environment - is leading to the appearance and rapid spread of resistance. This forces us to think globally about new strategies for the discovery of new antibacterial agents, the management of the use of these agents, the fight against resistance via the characterisation of their mechanisms or the development of alternative approaches to the fight against these pathogens.

This conference will be an opportunity to illustrate these aspects and the challenges to be taken up for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches.

Invited speakers

Priscilla Brodin - Institut Pasteur Lille - Lille

Vincent Cattoir - CHU de Rennes - Rennes

Christophe Dagot - Université de Limoges - Limoges

Andrea Dessen - IBS - Grenoble

Victor Duarte - LCBM - Grenoble

Philippe Glaser - Institut Pasteur - Paris

Ruben Hartkoorn -  Institut Pasteur Lille  - Lille

Evelyne Jouvin-Marche - AVIESAN - Grenoble

Christian Lesterlin - IBCP - Lyon

Jean-Yves Madec - ANSES - Paris

Claudine Médigue - CNRS - Paris

Matthew Wook Chang - Université de Singapour - Singapour


Comité scientifique :

Agnès Delmas (CNRS), Jean-Luc Galzi (CNRS), Carine Giovannangeli (AVIESAN), Boris Vauzeilles (CNRS)

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